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Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting | Explained

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

If a company is more into an online business, then it would be vital to set up the company’s own servers rather than opting for shared hosting. And if you want to set up your own servers then there are mainly two choices so that in-house servers can be developed:

For those businesses which are already doing well and are masters in their field, there are wide varieties of options of web hosting to choose from. But for newly developed and smaller companies cloud hosting is an apt option. No, here’s a detailed explanation that distinguishes cloud hosting from dedicated hosting.

Cloud hosting is a very simple and flexible choice. It will help the hosting plan to get adapted to your needs every now and then. The cloud hosting providers also give you choice about which operating system you would like to use. The best thing about this is you will be able to save lots of money while using this plan. But the IT department will have a tough time configuring the server. You may even opt for reseller hosting.

┬áNow, talking about dedicated hosting, it is completely different. In cloud hosting, you are purchasing a small part of the server space but with dedicated hosting, the company leases the servers which have control over the initial server. This is a better choice anyway because it is quite secure and cost-effective. You don’t have to spend money on any kind of infrastructure. A dedicated hosting plan is a complete package for all your sites and applications. IT department has full control over the performance and so they can configure and customize the same as per the business needs.

And so if you are a large web-based business, for example, an online retail store or something like that then there is nothing better than a dedicated hosting plan. With this, the sites and applications run smoothly on the web, and thus the visitors have a better experience on your website.

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