Christmas Live Wallpaper Full v7.13P APK Download


Free Download Christmas Live Wallpaper Full Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It is an exciting Christmas countdown app with a sparkling Christmas tree and clock.

This is an exciting Christmas countdown app with a sparkling Christmas tree and clock. It is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling animated Christmas tree and an exciting Christmas countdown where you can count down the days to Christmas, or New Year’s day, or any date you set.

It also features a Clock scene, a combined Tree & Countdown/Clock scene, a Happy New Year scene with fireworks, a super realistic 3D Snow Scene, a magical Sky Lanterns scene, plus a bonus Valentine’s day scene, and a dedicated Fireworks scene.

All scenes come with countless customization options. You can enjoy both as a live wallpaper background or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely and quickly customize your settings.

Features of the App

  • Christmas Tree scene (6 animated camera motions)
  • 4 new Christmas trees and multi-colored sparkle mode
  • Countdown scene (Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s Countdown, and more)
  • Set your own custom countdown dates (Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries)
  • Combined Christmas Tree + Countdown or Clock (tap to switch between)
  • Clock scene with sparkling time and date
  • Happy New Year scene (with fireworks)
  • 3D Snow scene (day or night)
  • Sky Lanterns scene
  • 3D Fireworks scene
  • Valentine’s Day scene
  • The ability to choose any combination of your favorite scenes above for rotation
  • A beautiful color cycling mode that sweeps through all the colors of the rainbow
  • Gorgeous glowing background light or flare spotlight with shimmering sunbeams
  • Choose your favorite camera angles and 3D animation fly-bys
  • Snowfall amount and speed
  • Additional tree lights
  • HD options to increase display quality. Great for tablets
  • Lots of performance options to help run smoothly and save battery power
  • 32-bit color mode for smoother colors
  • Option to count down in either rounded-up days or an entirely accurate and nail-biting Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds method
  • Screen positioning and zoom options


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