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Bound by Blood (Dresden Island Series #1) by Clara LewisEnglish |2021 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.1 MB

Olivia Hudson is called back to her childhood home on the tiny island of Dresden at the request of a mysterious employer.However, Dresden holds only bad memories and Olivia wants nothing to do with the island, and even more so, its residents.

As a former FBI agent, Olivia has seen much worse cases.This case means nothing to her and she could easily refuse it.Yet the description of a young woman found dead on the estate of the wealthiest family in town has led her to an unfortunate possibility.The body could belong to Poppy, Olivia’s twin sister, who had gone missing years ago when they were teenagers.

With the help of a former friend, Sheriff Jordan Peters, Olivia must unravel the clues and find the person responsible for the crime, all the while searching for her missing sister.

Employed by a powerful, secretive family and fueled by personal feelings, Olivia must remain alert to stay on top of this complex case that leaves her with more questions than answers.

Will Olivia finally find the peace she has been yearning for all these years, or will she stumble upon a sinister motive surrounding the island?
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