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Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight v4.1


Free Download BMI Calculator: Body Fat Percentage & Ideal Weight Pro MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets, quickly monitor your weight and track calories.

Overview of BMI Calculator Pro APK for Android

By installing this body measurement tracker on your Android device, you’ll be able to monitor your weight and track calories. This app will generate results based on gender, height, age, waist, neck, and activity level.

Get your hands on this body fat calculator today to overcome the intricacies that could occur if your body fat index is high or low than the average level.

This app can help you in determining the health of your body from all aspects. Anyone can enter essential details on this app to track their BMI, BMR, BFP, and WHtR.

Features of the App

  • User-friendly interface that makes it easy to use
  • There are no charges for downloading and using this body fat tracker
  • Generates 100% accurate results
  • It takes into account your daily activity level for determining accurate results
  • It allows users to manage their profile and edit their details
  • Indicates users about whether to gain, lose, or sustain current weight
  • Show excess or lack of storage fat in your body
  • It allows you to set the goal of weight you want to achieve
  • It indicates users about the daily intake to reach the goal
  • The waist to height ratio will point out whether you’re underweight, healthy, overweight, or obese
  • Allows you to track your BMR and Ideal weight with different methods
  • Look at your overall statistics
  • Indicates users about their daily water intake
  • Keep you notified of tracking your goal


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