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Who Are Some Biggest Hackers of All Time?

Biggest Hackers of All Time

Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo - Wikipedia

Hacked into New York times and Microsoft security and published private data from many other companies. Six months imprisonment and 65k dollars fine

Vladimir Levin

Stole 10.7 million dollars from city Bank and transferred that amount in the bank accounts in different countries. Three years imprisonment and 240k dollars fine.

Albert Gonzalez

Albert Gonzalez - Wikipedia

Hacked the credit card details of more than 170 million people and sold them, also he used to sell fake passports, birth certificates, and insurance. Twenty years imprisonment.

Garry McKinnon

Pentagon Hacker McKinnon

Hacked into USA Army and NASA, deleted many sensitive information from their database.


Anonymous (hacker group) - Wikipedia

It’s an International online hacking group, they are capable of bringing down the server’s huge social media sites. However, they mostly work for the people.

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick - Speaker Ideas

Hacked into American security program and Pacific bells. Later hacked into the Digital Equipment Cooperation (DEC) network which was the leading computer manufacturers of that time.

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