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Best Affiliate Marketing Websites for Bloggers – 2021


Running a successful online business and growing your readership are just two more steps to complete on your online journey. If you are serious about running an online business you will probably be familiar with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a business offers to provide advertising services or promotional material for a company’s products. For example, a shoe shop might offer to help you promote a particular shoe brand on its site in return for a small commission. The type of commission varies from site to site and there are many affiliate marketing platforms out there.

Some of the top affiliate marketing platforms and websites include Social Referral, ShareASale, Jabberwacky, and Productbrain. The platforms in this list have thousands of thousands of advertisers on them that generate revenue for the companies on the sites. The companies who run the platforms generate revenue by providing a service to the advertisers such as offering discounts on a product for each new customer they bring onto the sites. Some of the companies that run these affiliate marketing platforms include IncentivePays, Bai, Google, InspireCommerce, and Magento. Some of the affiliate marketing platforms also offer commission sharing so that the affiliate marketers can earn commissions as well as from the advertisers they represent. The commission offered is based on the number of customers that the affiliate marketer is able to bring to their company, the websites where the affiliate marketers are located, and what the commission rate is for the advertising or promotional material.

Affiliate marketing is a useful way for small businesses to start making some money and, if it is done right, can really help you to build your personal brand. By using some of these affiliate marketing platforms you will be able to promote a brand of your choice or you could just focus on promoting your own e-commerce website. Some of the platforms that you will be able to promote include Reebok, Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, PlayStation, NBA, and Zappos.

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