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Benny Blanco Kissing Beyonce? OMG Jay-Z’s reaction!

Benny Blanco Kissing Beyonce

Benny Blanco is revealing the time he literally saw his life flash before his eyes after planting a kiss on Beyonce in Jay-Z’s presence… so you could say he’s DEFINITELY one to kiss and tell.

Alright, so you know those embarrassing moments that you can’t help but cringe at when looking back on and somehow can’t seem to kick from your memory? Believe it or not, Benny Blanco has been holding onto one particular moment for quite some time…   10 years, to be exact… as he recently recalled the time he thought he was literally about to die for putting his pout in the wrong place…

let me explain, Benny caught up with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Wednesday and got into talking about the time he was invited to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Hampton’s home with many other producers for a beat battle. Aside from wondering how he made it onto the RSVP list and how it was real life, Benny admitted that after playing beats, drinking, and hanging out for a while, he began to make his way out at the end of the night, to which he had planned to give Bey a goodbye kiss on the cheek… but that didn’t exactly go as planned.

He said QUOTE, “I went to do a kiss on the cheek,   and I guess we just missed a little bit. I definitely hit the corner of some sort of lip.   I’m like, ‘Oh my God. This is the worst thing in my life.’” Mind you, this was literally 10 years ago, but Benny still didn’t forget the look on Jay-Z’s face when it all went down, adding, “Out of the corner of my eye, JAY-Z is right there looking at me. And I’m just like, ‘My lip is here. Hers is there,   and there’s definitely some corner things happening.’ And I look at Jay and I’m like, ‘Oh, OK. I’m dead. My life is over. It was great.

Nice knowing you guys.’” While thinking he had just a few short hours left to live, Benny admitted that he legitimately saw   his life flash before his eyes although he admitted QUOTE, “No one noticed, she didn’t.” Honestly, Benny lived through the best case scenario possible — being one of the VERY few people who can confirm they kissed THE Queen Bey, AND being able to see the light of day to share his story, assuming Jay doesn’t have a hit out on him or something.

But it seems ‘loose lips don’t always sink ships’ after all, considering Benny has gone on to produce some of the top-performing hits over the past few years, including Khalid and Halsey’s “Eastside”, as well as Justin Bieber’s emotional ballad “Lonely.” Although Benny revealed he never ended up releasing any music from his time spent in   the Hampton’s with Bey and Jay, he counts the lessons he learned from the power couple as the “best” experience, admitting that “it’s all about the journey.” AMEN! And in case you weren’t aware, click right over here for all the proof that Blue Ivy is going to run the world one day. It’s inevitable.

Let it happen. And then let me know all your thoughts on Benny’s shocking confession about Beyonce right down here in the comments.

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