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Some Interesting Things About APPLE


Initial Funding

Interesting Things About APPLE: Steve Jobs sold his Volkswagen Bus for $1,500 and co-founder Steve Wozniak also sold his Hewlett-Packard calculator for $500 to initially fund the company.

Apple iPhone 6 Craze

In Japan’s Apple store, there was a fan who started waiting in line 7 months early for an iPhone 6. This iPhone 6 is the largest selling phone of Apple worldwide.

iTunes Policy

If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to create nuclear weapons.
This means you cannot use Apple products to make any kind of nuclear weapon but you can research it.

Apple Worth

Apple is worth more than the entire Russian stock market. Apple could buy Disney or Coca-Cola and pay in cash.
Now everyone knows that Apple is the first Trillion-Dollar Company.

iPod History

When the first prototype of Apple’s iPod was shown to Steve Jobs, he dropped in an aquarium and used the air bubbles to prove there was empty space and it could be made smaller.

Apple No Smoking Policy

Apple has a ‘no smoking’ ban regarding their computers. Ridiculous as it sounds, but if you smoke while using an Apple computer, you void the warranty you’ve been warned!

Apple Phones contains Gold

An iPhone contains about 0.0012 ounces of gold, 0.012 ounces of silver and 0.000012 ounces of platinum, worth $1.52, $0.211, and $0.17 respectively

Gold Recovered from broken iPhones

Apple recovered 2,2011 pounds of gold from broken iPhones in 2015, that’s worth about $40 million

I love Apple because of their privacy. Is there any reason you love or hate Apple?

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