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An Oath on His Sword (Godchosen Book 2) by TS SnowEnglish | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 3.0 MB

A scientist at heart, T.S. Snow lives in a land far far away, secluded from most authors and readers (rumor has it that if you open your wardrobe you can find her hiding in there trying to take a nap). T.S. has a thirst for learning new languages, even if she is mostly worried about finding out new curse words in them. She has an amazing support system that include a loving boyfriend, her family, friends and her loyal – if completely lazy – dog. When she’s not writing, T.S. can often be found causing complete chaos with her friends on social media, inhaling unhealthy amounts of coffee, or napping. Mostly napping.

NEVER INSULT THE GODS…By his own admission, Riven kan Ingan is a non-believer, denying the existence of magic or religion. He may have been raised by the Margrave of Francovia, but as the son of a barbarian sellsword, he’s never allowed to forget his foreign ancestry. Determined to fulfill the prophecy that he’s to become a king, Riven schemes to hurry his destiny along by marrying the margrave’s daughter, Aleza.Unfortunately, the gods of Arcanis, insulted by his denial of their existence, have other plans.When Aleza is kidnapped by the sorcerer Mahldimir Djaan-Baih, Riven swears a bloodseek oath to rescue her.The princess is restored to her, father but there’s no Happily Ever After for the young skeptic. Thanks to the gods, Riven falls in love with a woman he can’t have.There’s nothing he can do to forget her and no way he can claim her…and this punishment is just the beginning.
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