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A World of Trouble: Fateful Decisions by Jacky RenoufEnglish | 2020 |General Fiction/Classics | ePUB | 2.6 MB

1940, Guernsey. Nineteen is a time to be young, to make rash decisions and follow your heart. For Marion, Stella and Rachel, age doesn’t mean a thing when World War Two comes to their shores. A mass evacuation springs into action, hundreds of people, both friends and family, fleeing their tranquil island. By the 1st July, that home is invaded by German troops, a strong, ruthless force that submits the islanders to their will. Now is not a time to be young, but a time for courage as the three women face their most dangerous times. Little do they know it will stretch for five more years…

With Marion and Rachel locked on the ‘prison island’, lacking basic supplies, and under an increasingly authoritarian regime, life is challenging. Each wrestle with their own difficult choices, both feeling alone, lost and scared for the lives of those they love. Life for Stella may not be under authoritarian command, but she still struggles to make her way in England, having to rebuild her life without counsel from family and friends.

Will all three find the courage to soldier on? Or, without each other’s support, struggle to survive the cold times until the liberation?
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