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9 Weird Psychology Tricks

9 Weird Psychology Tricks

When you are very angry and can’t calm down, stare at the blue things and take a deep breath. Soon you will be able to regain your senses. Blue has the psychological effect of suppressing human instinctive impulses.

If you feel that someone is watching you, you can look at your watch or where you are wearing the watch. If that person is looking at you, he will also subconsciously look at his wrist/watch.

No one is born to complain. All complaints stem from injustices suffered in the past. How negative they are now, how wrong they were in the past.

If you know you’re going to shake hands with someone, make sure your hands are warm enough. Warm hands promote a friendly atmosphere while cold handshaking will trigger the opposite effect.

If you want to correct someone without correcting: You can draw someone’s attention to their mistake without accusing them simply by changing your sentence. Instead of saying, You didn’t close the window before you left” you can say, The window was left open all night.”

You tend to remember the beginning and end of something, while the middle is always blurred. So, ensure you make great impressions by never being in the middle. Meeting someone new in a group, get there first or last.

People who “do not want to rely on others” do not want to “be dependent on others”, Because it is difficult for them to have trust in this world.

When you want someone to agree to something, give them a list containing 3 options and drop the one to the bottom that you want them to pick. They are most likely to pick the bottom one as is often discovered by various experiments and researches.

There is nothing more important to people than their self-image. Figure out how people like to think of themselves and challenge or reinforce it to your advantage.

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