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The 7 Types of Guys Women Can’t Resist When it comes to women

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7 types of guys women can't resist when it comes to women

The 7 Types of Guys Women Can’t Resist When it comes to women, some guys seem to have all the luck. Have you ever wondered why that is?  Women seem to find certain archetypal men irresistible – and it’s not simply because of their good looks and toned bodies. Some personality traits are extremely desirable to many women, so it’s no surprise that men who possess these characteristics are often surrounded by fawning admirers. In this video, we are going to highlight seven types of guys that women can’t resist – and why these men are so appealing.

The Romantic One

This type of guy believes in romance. He loves giving presents like flowers and chocolates to his romantic partners. He’s known to light candles, turn the lights down,   and set the mood during dinners and quality time. A romantic man will usually call or text his significant other to say hello, share that she’s on his mind, or express his feelings.   He’s not afraid to look a woman in the eye and talk about his emotions.  Women want to feel appreciated, and the romantic guy makes that happen. And typically,   partners of this type of guy will openly reciprocate the romantic gestures.

The Confident Man

Women love men with confidence. This type of guy is completely secure in his manhood and his relationship.  He’s not afraid to assert himself or talk about what he needs – whether it’s physical or emotional. His aura is one of gentle power and self-control – that exists nowhere near “cocky” on the spectrum of confidence.  When a confident guy is in a relationship, he rarely feels jealous or envious.   He never feels threatened by other men – even if his partner has close male friends or coworkers.  Women love this kind of man because he’s reliable, honest, and sure of himself. He doesn’t feel the need to prove himself – and this makes women want him even more.

The Artistic Dude

The artistic guy is a spontaneous soul that lives from moment to moment – rarely planning out his days. Instead, he likes to go with the flow and follow his inspirations.  He will often win women over with his creativity. He might give his woman a hand-painted portrait of her, or perform a song he wrote for her. These crafted gifts reveal his affection for his lovers – and the women he admires, often cherish these presents.  Women like to feel special, and when the artistic guy draws his inspiration from a woman,   there is no better compliment. Being a part of an artistic man’s life is a unique experience, and being a part of their art is another.  Women are often intrigued by artistic men, and their curiosity draws them in.

The Foreign Guy

Similar to the way an artistic man attracts women through his interesting nature, the foreign guy charms women through his mystery and difference. Usually, he comes from a distant country with a culture that is much different from the women he dates. His accent, customs, and behavior easily signal his foreignness – but instead of being off-putting, these quirks are charming. Women tend to find foreign men irresistible not only because of their charisma but also because their outlook on life is usually a breath of fresh air.  These men are often surrounded by women who are curious about exploring the world, open to adventure, and interested in other cultures. Now, you don’t have to be an actual foreigner to fit into this category – if you are well-traveled or multilingual with knowledge and exposure to unique cultures, you can easily attract women with your unique charm.

The Free Spirit

Also known as ‘the bad boy,’ this type of guy prefers to ride the waves wherever they may go – even if it spells trouble. You might recognize the free spirit type by their motorcycle, the habit of skipping work for last-minute adventures,   lackadaisical attitude, or openness to new experiences.  This man lives for the thrill and isn’t worried about the future.  So why do women find him so irresistible? It’s because they are drawn to his carefree attitude – and they hope that it will help them break out of their own stifling lifestyles.  A free spirit creates a relationship that feels young by adding excitement in nearly every aspect.   And while the rebel’s partner enjoys trying to tame him, she knows that it’s a hopeless task.

The Smart One

Women find intelligent men alluring. This type of guy initiates and loves engaging in stimulating conversations. He’s a great listener and values his partner’s ideas.  Usually, the smart guy is witty, too. He often makes his significant other laugh with clever jokes – even on the driest subjects.When they’re with a smart man,   women suddenly find even politics interesting – and they can talk for hours without feeling bored or trapped in the conversation.Having a great mind is extremely attractive.   This is especially true when you consider that aging is inevitable. Hairlines recede,   bodies lose their tone, and wrinkles appear – but a mind can stay sharp for decades.  Establishing an intellectual connection is an essential step for maintaining a healthy relationship – and the smart guy knows how to do just that.

The Nice Guy

He’s genuinely thoughtful, caring, and selfless. The nice guy is considerate in both big and small ways – from opening the door to paying for dinner. He’s always punctual and reasonable about how much of a woman’s time he takes up. He walks her home or to her car, and he’s more than happy to pick her up and drop her off. When they’re out together, he’s aware of how she feels, especially when she’s ready to leave. You might be surprised by this one… Some people believe that nice guys never get the girl. While many women make the mistake of falling for inconsiderate and rude guys, they often realize the error of their ways. Once women have their priorities straight, they seek out partners who treat them right – and that means being nice. Especially when women are looking for long-term partners,   they want someone who will always be considerate and sensitive to their emotions.

If you are a guy reading this and you feel like you don’t exactly fit into any of these categories, don’t worry – and, don’t try to mold yourself into something you’re not – women will see right through your act, anyway. When you think about it,   you probably possess traits from each of these categories – and that’s a good thing.  To find a happy, healthy, romantic relationship, you need to identify and nourish the qualities you already possess. With even the slightest bit of effort, you’ll see that you do have some irresistible qualities – and women will be impressed by your individuality.

So guys, which of these traits do you possess the most?   And ladies, which type of men do you find the most irresistible?

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